Touko Hujanen (FIN), 6/2017

Touko Hujanen, born in 1986, is a freelance photographer specialising in reportage.
Touko Hujanen: Uuden Iin Sanomat. 2017. Photo: Karoliina Paatos.

Touko Hujanen is a freelance photographer specialising in reportage. He chairs the “11” group of Finnish documentary photographers and plans publications. He has been awarded the Press Photographer of the Year and the Young Press Photographer of the Year prizes. Hujanen has published long reportage pieces on the civil war in Colombia, Santa Claus, and the Nevada Desert.


During his residency, Hujanen designed and published the artwork newspaper Uuden Iin Sanomat. The newspaper is part of Hujanen´s art newspaper Uuden Maan Sanomat, which he started in 2014. This work of art is being formed from the results of random reportage tours in different parts of Finland. In June 2017 Hujanen moved in for two weeks at KulttuuriKauppila, setting up his editing office there. Hujanen rode around Ii on the bicycle provided by the Uuden Iin Sanomat Group, hoping to encounter random events. People from Ii were welcome to suggest stories to him.


The finalised newspaper was published during the Valto Pernu Photo Marathon at the end of August, 2017. Hujanen’s mission was the renaissance of pictorial reportage: he wishes to celebrate the traditions of reportage and newspaper photography and to reinstate personal presence and footwork back to the core of reportage-making. He thinks that his role is, simply, to go somewhere and see what there is, and this time, it was Ii.


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