Raguel Sakristan and Rafael Agudo (ESP), 12/2017

KulttuuriKauppila and Lähde! –project welcomed artist Raquel Sacristan Fernàndez and producer Rafael Agudo Illán to Ii in the beginning of December 2017!
Photo: Raquel Sakristán

They were living at the residency and working for the Lähde! –project to develope the concept of the social art residency. During their visit they worked at the group home Startti. They began their visit with a little introduction to the spanish fan language.

Raquel Sakristan is a multidisciplinary creator. Always mixing art, design and life experiences, her projects attempt to erase limits between aesthetic codes, techniques and artistic languages. At the University of Madrid, she focused her activity on researching  creative processes. Her projects have been shown both in solo and group exhibitions all around the world, including Ghana, Beijing and Rio de Janeiro.

After moving to New York in 2006, Sakristan began to work in public spaces and in different social contexts. In her solo projects she opens up new viewpoints by combining landscapes with temporary elements or placing ambiguous sentences out in public. Collaborating with diverse collectives external to the arts scene, such as adolescents living in Africa, elder populations in small rural villages and people in psychiatric hospitals, every project becomes an opportunity to listen. In 2014 she began to work primarily with artists in special groups, trying to make visible ideas and concepts that otherwise wouldn’t be expressible.

Through her work at the group home Ryhmäkoti Startti in Ii, Sakristan combined her interest in landscapes with her interest in special groups.

Producer Rafael Agudo has collaborated for three years with HUG, an organisation that brings finnish artists to do socal projects in different areas of Madrid. He is a Cultural Manager and publisher with a degree at humanities at University of Alcalá de Henares. Currently he is working in the department of public activities of center Casa del Lector, at Matadero Madrid.

In Ii Agudo hopes to get to know a society that is sensitive to culture and its management models and also share the ideas from the HUG.


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