María Platero (ESP) 7/2018

María Platero is a Spanish photographer who led us to an art walk and a picnic!
María Platero's artist walk. 2018. Photo: Jaani Föhr.

María Platero is a freelance photographer who works and lives in Madrid. She is interested in the protocols and established conventions that govern our lives, as well as our need to measure things to understand them. Besides her artistic work, María Platero has worked as a teacher and as a journalist for the photography-dedicated digital magazine Fanzine 10 x 15, and as the person responsible for photography and part of the Editorial Board of Input Art Magazine. In her latest projects she has explored balance, uncertainty, chaos theory, and random phenomena.

During her residence in Ii, she researched the concept of displacement by organising an artist walk which played with the concept, and an spring festival picnic. The walk went from the Environmental Art Park to KulttuuriKauppila where the participants had the opportunity to visit the artist’s studio and see some of the artist’s previous artworks.

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