Jane Higginbottom (UK) 8/22

Jane Higginbottom (UK) works with elements from the nature and in dialog with her surroundings.
Jane Higginbottom is a visual artist, whose work is about the environment, time and place. She is interested in the life span and character of plants and their existence in the landscape. Higginbottoms works often refer to a spesific location or place. Making observations, she builds up a picture of small changes, over a period of time, and collates this information as material for her artworks.
The artist uses a range of materials but with an interest in low impact sustainable materials and processes. Her work as a gardening tutor links with her artistic process with plants as both concept and source material. “The materials an artwork is made from are very important to me. Where they come from, how they are used and what happens to them at the end of their life. The concept of the artwork has to be embodied in its’ material quality.”
Higginbottom held an exhibition on her current work in KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre 26.8.-7.9.2022. “Colours of Finland” was carried out as part of the Northern AiR residency network and in co-operation with AiR Frosterus in Kärsämäki. The opening was on Friday 26th of August.

Photo: Jaani Föhr

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