Eunjung Hwang (KOR), 6–7/2017

Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, Eunjung Hwang, born in 1971, lives and works in New York City, USA.

She received her degree in arts in New York. She has had her animations and character-based works featured and awarded at various events in Germany and the USA, among others. At KulttuuriKauppila, Eunjung continued developing her characters. At the end of her residency, her work featuring her animated characters was published in the youth section of the public library in Ii.

“Through the Artist in Residence program at KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre, I worked on a series of character-based animations and related works. The project showed my continuous interest in character-based art and was influenced by the locale around KulttuuriKauppila. A variety of characters that are partially inspired from the locale will be the main elements of my Project.” This is how Eunjung described her stay with KK AIR.


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