Tiina Vehkaperä (FIN) 2/2023

February artist-in-residence is sculptor Tiina Vehkaperä from Oulu.

During her residency, she sculpted the first snow sculpture in the Environmental Art Park. The sculpture, called Kaltto, is Tiina’s interpretation of the skull of the grey seal

Tiina Vehkaperä is a Finnish sculptor from Oulu who expands her work into performance, environmental and light art. Vehkaperä focuses on new materials and techniques in her works. She often observes the core of everyday surplus or found material, bringing these materials into the context of modern time and concepts. At the heart of Vehkaperä’s works is the understanding of being in the world and difficulty of it, as well as observing the unspoken dynamics of human relationships.

Her works have been on display e.g. at the Oulu, Rovaniemi, Rauma and Kemi Art Museums and in several environmental art exhibitions, e.g. Retreat, Art Ii Biennial and Oranki Art.


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