Eduardo de Albar Vera (MEX) 5-6/2019

During his KKAiC residency period, Mexican artist, actor, pantomime master, playwright and director Eduardo de Albar Vera worked with customers of mental health services on project ''Theatre to think''.

Eduardo de Albar Vera is a Mexican artist, actor, pantomime master, playwright and director who also likes to explore other mediums of art such as graffiti. He is committed to working with vulnerable communities and seeks to carry out projects with high quality yet low costs, for example by using recyclable materials and reused objects.

During the KulttuuriKauppila Artist-in-Community residency period, Eduardo worked with the customers of Oulunkaari mental health services in Pudasjärvi and Ii on the Theatre to think project. The aim was to gain experience of creating a play and explore it as a method of expression of the experiences that mental health rehabilitators have in living as part of society.

“The project seeks free expression through theatre to generate awareness and to encourage individual and collective analysis to get a better quality of life individually and socially,” de Albar Vera said of the project.

The residency was part of the KulttuuriKauppila Artist-in-Community (KK AiC) residency programme developed in the Lähde! Empowering daily life with art -project.


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