Miia Kettunen (FIN) 11-12/2018

A big smile greets the customers of the Pudasjärvi library. The smile belongs to Hilma, an artwork created in the KK AIC program by artist Miia Kettunen and the local team!

Miia Kettunen is a costume designer who has been working diversely in different performing arts projects. She is inspired by the way in which social and communal art is made. She likes to work with the new and unknown by stretching her professional skills as an artist. Previously she has been artist-in-residence in supported housing for elderly persons and worked on the Kutsu luontoon, matka itseen project for young and elderly persons. Her important tools are costume, object and accessory art and she uses photography for documentation purposes.

During her social art residency period Kettunen worked in Pudasjärvi with mental health customers from Ruskapirtti and Osviitta. The aim was to create an artwork ensemble called Face of the Space. Single artworks of the ensemble were born using object and accessory art. The participants chose locations that are familiar to their everyday life. At the Pudasjärvi library a colourful granny greets the visitors, and at the Puikkari swimming hall the faces reflect the different emotions that can arise from swimming.

Kettunen worked at the KK AIC programme as part of the Lähde! Empowering daily life trough art -project.

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