Masami Aihara (JPN), 8/2016

The Japanese artist Masami Aihara, born in 1961, lives on the Japanese island of Hokkaido.
Masami Aihara: Face to Face. 2016. Photo: Antti J.Leinonen

She was very impressed with the Ii landscape and drew great inspiration from the bodies of water in that area. Inspired by the rough, distinctive scenery, she made use of the different physical states of water in her art, monitoring their constant changes while living in Ii. Aihara is an internationally recognised artist whose work has been on exhibition in Vietnam, Turkey, Canada, Greece and Russia. The artist has been awarded many prizes in her home country for her work in the promotion of fine arts and she has participated in several group exhibitions in Japan.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, KulttuuriKauppila invited this Japanese artist, Masami Aihara, who was the first resident artist at KulttuuriKauppila, to take a month’s  residence in August 2016. The exhibition “Face to Face”’ was a solo exhibition by Aihara and it celebrated her thirty years as an artist. “Face to Face” was a jubilee exhibition, the main event of KulttuuriKauppila’s year of celebration, during which the artist explored interpersonal communication and Japanese symbolism.

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