Maria Ferreira & Rita Isaac (POR) 10/22

KulttuuriKauppilas residency artists in October are Portuguese visual artists Maria Ferreira and Rita Isaac. Ferreira and Isaac have previously worked together in residencies, e.g. the Co-net residency in Spain.
Residency artists Maria Ferreira (below) and Rita Isaac (above Ferreira)

Maria Ferreira and Rita Isaac work separately with different types of bodies and skins. Ferreira has made Polaroid-portraits and Isaac uses her own skin in her photographic art. They both have moved from human bodies and skins to different kind of bodies, such as buildings. Whereas Isaac wonders how a building can be in a certain surrounding and what kind of an identity the building has, Ferreira concentrates on the possible skin of a building and what it would be like.

”We may use the same object or photograph the base for our art, but we develope our art separately. The outcomes of our art are in dialogue with another.”


Photo: Jaani Föhr

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