Anna Yamanishi (JPN), 8–9/2017

Anna Yamanishi’s master’s degree is from the Kyoto City University of Arts and she has presented her works in Japan both in solo and group exhibitions.
Anna Yamanishi: Boundary. 2017. Railway underpass in Oulu. Photo: Jaani Föhr

Yamanishi acquires her inspiration for her wood carvings and installations through the sense of presence in materials and places. In her art she studies the relationships between materials and herself, the relationships between the environment and people, and even those among people and phenomena. Anna Yamanishi is a sculptor and during her residency at KulttuuriKauppila, she created an installation in a showcase in the railway underpass in the City of Oulu. This installation, “Boundary”, studied the interface between humans and nature, and was based on the artist’s observations during her residency at KulttuuriKauppila:

“What I felt most upon my arrival was that people here live very modestly and that people and nature maintain a good balance. When I stand by the river or in the forest I remember that I am part of nature. We wear invisible clothes when we live in society. When we enter nature we can take them off. I found the human–nature boundary. In my installation, though the stage-like scene, I wish to reproduce the feeling of the air I felt here”.


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