Johanna Lonka (FIN) 4/2023

Artist-in-Environment deals with our changing scenery.
Johanna Lonka

In her art Johanna Lonka deals with living things, places and concepts and how they evolve and change in time. She investigates the environment and observes our interspecies co-existence, posing the question of how does the bio centric worldview come to terms with the period of Anthropocene.

She utilizes the means of gathering and wondering in nature – habits from her childhood, still present this day – to find and collect materials and to pursue curiosity and empathy towards other species.

In Ii Lonka works with her ongoing project Decoys. “I’ve experienced the change of scenery and the loss of nature personally, and the shock it brings. Working collectively with the means of art, might help us overcome the trauma.”

Johanna Lonka and Mia Mäkelä will hold a joint project exhibition in the KulttuuriKauppila Gallery April 24.-28. Lonka will be present at an artist meet Wednesday 25th April 3-5 pm.

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