Chenipe (SRB) 12/2020

Andreja Krstić alias Chenipe is a Serbian artist whose work expands on three different artistic medias: murals/graffiti, canvases and sculptures.

In 2017 Krstić obtained a Master’s degree from the University of Applied Arts in Belgrade. Exploring the work of many different artists, his interest in abstract forms awakened, which became more and more visible as he developed his art. In the abstract compositions, he finds the freedom to focus strongly on the aesthetic value of the piece and to leave a possibility for it to evoke a personal reaction in each viewer.

Chenipe relies on his imagination and intuition while creating shapes and colors, and is letting himself to be inspired by architecture and other elements in the urban environment. He enjoys crafting his pieces to be in a harmonious relation with the physical surroundings. You can recognize his pieces by the often soft and subtle low contrast colors, which are skilfully combined. His works are at the same time dynamic and harmonious.

During his residency period in Ii, Chenipe created an indoor mural to the local sports hall IisiAreena.

Photos: Inka Hyvönen


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