Kotoaki Asano (JAP) 6/22

Kotoaki Asano is a Japanese architect, artist, designer and poet.

Kotoaki Asano is a Japanese architect and artist who has studied architecture in the University of Tokyo. His artworks and spaces that he has designed reflect poetic sensitivity. Asano wants to show people a new vision of the world, that is clear and sensual.

Asanos works are widely respected and he has won several awards in the 2010’s in Asia, Germany and the United States of America.

Asano participated in the 2022 Art Ii Biennial with his environmental artwork Frame & Thread. The artwork consists of several frames situated in the landscape with different colours of thread playing with natural light. The artwork is located in a forest in Kuivaniemi, by a nature trail behind the Merihelmi restaurant. The work is on display until the end of July.

Photos: Jaani Föhr

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