Oriol Mora (SPA) 7/22

Oriol Mora is a Catalan contemporary artist, who lives and works in Barcelona. Mora is devoted to painting, meanwhile he gets his inspiration from literature and nature. His paintings are often colourful and ironic.

Mora graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and extended his studies at the Art Institute of Chicago (MFA program). His paintings are always related to color. By a process of building up different layers of colour he ends up with recognizable characters or symbols.

Mora has been teaching art as a parallel activity to his artist career for the last 15 years. He has been teaching at university level and at art school, and also leading workshops for people with special needs. He keeps an interest in doing both, as a way to help future children teachers to be creative. “I enjoy the dialog with young people, and can experience art without any bias or stigma with them.”

Mora’s latest works explore the use of ‘painted words’ as an ironic way to label our connection to different daily issues.


Photo: Heli Paaso-Rantala

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