Safety precautions – KulttuuriKauppila residency programmes 2021

Finland updates the travel and safety guidelines regularly and the situations may change fast. To be able to welcome foreign artists in 2021, KulttuuriKauppila has adapted a set of safety precautions based on the instructions given by Finnish authorities.

This set  of rules will guide the running the residency in 2021. By applying to the residency programmes the artists adhere to the guidelines, which will be updated accordingly throughout the year. Current guidelines will be updated on this site.

  • All artists are expected to self-quarantine for the first days of their stay in Ii – Quarantine means that the artists are not allowed to e.g. go to the supermarket, use public transport, attend events or meet locals. However, working or moving about outdoors, going for walks in nature alone, is possible – as long as safety distances to others are maintained at all times. The self-quarantining applies to all artists, also artists arriving from other parts of Finland, if the other artist is arriving from abroad. The KulttuuriKauppila staff will help the artists during this period e.g. bringing groceries to the residency.
  • All artists will arrive to the residency on the set date at the beginning of the month and residency periods always last a full month, 2 months, 3 months and so on – Artists are expected to arrive on the same date to ensure the self-quarantining period is set for both artists. All residency periods start on the first weekday of the month, and last a minimum of 1 month. The residency periods will be scheduled with the self-quarantining period in mind.
  • All artists are expected to present proof of valid travel and health insurance. For EU-citizens, the European health insurance card is sufficient.
  • Extra attention will be paid to cleaning the residency in between residency artists. The residency space will be cleaned after each residency period. Artists are responsible for cleaning the space during their stay, cleaning supplies will be provided by KulttuuriKauppila.

Up-to-date information regarding travel can be found from the websites of Finnish Border Guard and Finnish institute for health and welfare.