Jaap Klevering (FIN) 11-12/2018

The Suitcase radio gives voice to the mental health recuperators and the staff working with them. The completely self built Suitcase radio is the outcome of the social art residency (KK AIC) period of the artist Jaap Klevering.

Jaap Klevering is a sound and performance artist who works widely with different arts, also looking for solutions outside the art field. For more than 30 years, Klevering has been designing, directing and recording sounds, music, dance and theatre performances, films, installations and other art projects. In addition, he has been teaching and directing both professionals and amateurs. Dutch-born Klevering has been living and working in Finland since 1983.

In Ii, Klevering worked at the social art residence with people recovering from mental health problems. With the participants, he collected and created sound material for radio programmes and self-built a suitcase radio. Creating the content of the radio programme was an interactive process in which the customers and also the staff participated. For example, they recorded interviews, coffee table conversations, speeches, wise sayings, jokes and songs. Different kinds of art methods were used to support the process, for example painting, music improvisation and dancing. From these recordings the participants assembled several programmes. The programmes can be listened to on a suitcase radio that was built at the Ii work rehabilitation centre. The suitcase radio will start off at the Myötätuuli day centre, but later it will travel from place to place; a radio corner can even be set up in people’s homes!

Kleivering participated the KK AIC -programme as part of Lähde! Empowering daily life trough art project.

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