Iryna Vorona (UKR), 10/2017

Iryna Vorona, born in 1987, is an artist born and working in Ukraine.
Iryna Vorona: Finland - I see you. 2017. KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre. Photo: Jaani Föhr

Vorona received her degree in Kiev, and has also studied in Croatia. Iryna Vorona has been a laureate at several academic art competitions, including a finalist of the A. Kryvolap Art Prize. She has participated in international exhibitions in e.g. Montenegro. During Vorona’s KulttuuriKauppila residency, she created a new series of impressionistic works of art, titled ”Finland – I see you”. The core concept of her project was to feel the soul and spirit of Finland through colour and material. Iryna Vorona also hosted a Master Class ”Impressionistic psychological self portrait” at KulttuuriKauppila.

“My art is a kind of combination of realism and fantasy. Realism because I draw inspiration from my contact with the environment and people; fantasy  because all passes through my imagination. In my art, I try to combine form and idea into a harmonious unity.”

The video installation “Hypnotic drops” by Pavlo Baltaziuk, Vorona’s partner, was presented during the exhibition. This installation introduced the project “Time feeling”, which was realized in Norway during the artist’s stay at International Residency – Kunstnarhuset Messen during December 2017–January 2018.


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