Residency space

KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre is located by the river Ii in an idyllic area rich in culture and tradition. The Centre houses two buildings: the residence built in the 1800s and the atelier built in 2006.

Private and shared spaces

The newly renovated residency space of 91 m2 includes both private rooms and shared areas. The two private bedrooms (15m2 each) are furnished with a bed (1–2 persons), a desk and closets.  The artists share the well-equipped studio space and the living area with a kitchen (13 m2) and a bathroom (3.4 m2). The kitchen has for example a dining table and chairs, refrigerator-freezer, stove, oven, microwave, and a set of dishes and utensils. In the bathroom, there is a washer in addition to the toilet and shower.

Studio and equipment

The spacious guest studio (45 m2) has cabinet space, tables, good spotlights and a large variety of tools and equipment. Natural light falls beautifully into the space through the many windows.

In the wintertime the artists are welcome to try out the kicksledge! Internet connection and a printer are provided free of charge.

The artists share the responsibility of the cleanliness for the space during their stay.


One room for one person (€300/month)

One room for two persons (€450/month)

Two rooms for one person (€450/month)

Two rooms for two persons (€600/month)

Two rooms for three persons (€750/month)

Two rooms for four persons (€900/month)

Note that all options may not be available at requested time periods. 

Location & Transportation

The nearest large city with a train station, Oulu, is about 36 kilometres, half-an-hour’s drive, from Ii. There is a bus connection to Oulu departing every hour. The nearest airport is located 49 kilometres away. Travel time from Helsinki to Oulu by train is approximately 6,5 hours.


There are shops specialising in art materials and supplies in Oulu. Artists’ equipment can also be bought from the local hardware and general stores in Ii.