Yuna Cho (KOR), 4–5/2017

Yuna Cho, born in 1993, is a Korean-Canadian artist and drawing and painting instructor currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea.

She received her arts degree from Rhode Island School of Design in 2015. Yuna Cho explores experimental methods for engineering interactive spaces and associative objects in various media such as photographs, drawings, paintings, sculpture, and digital media. She is inspired by light and everyday scenes and objects. Therefore, she was very excited to be able to capture moments and scenes in Ii which were totally new to her. Her art has been exhibited in group shows in e.g. the Greenpoint Gallery in New York and the Benson Hall Gallery in Rhode Island. Her work has been published in Art Reveal Magazine, VISIONS, and The Round Magazine.

During her residency, Yuna Cho worked on her landscape theme.


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