Leah Beeferman (USA), 2/2017

Leah Beeferman is an artist from New York City, and she was in Finland during 2016-2017 on a Fulbright Scholar Grant.

Beeferman creates digital prints, videos, and audio pieces. She is interested in and inspired by landscapes, and she came to Ii to experience the ice-covered Bothnian Bay and its islands. She was no stranger to the Finnish landscape before coming to Ii. She had held an exhibition “Light Matters” at the Sorbus Gallery in Helsinki (2017) and has also held residencies in Mustarinda (Hyrynsalmi) and Titanik (Turku). Before coming to Finland, Leah held many exhibitions in her homeland and worked in residencies in e.g. Ireland and Svalbard. Leah Beeferman received her master’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and her bachelor’s degree from Brown University. During her time at KulttuuriKauppila she carried out research and collected material for a future project, developing new ideas on the basis of the surrounding landscape.

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