Residency programmes

KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre offers three artist residency programmes. Artist-in-Residence programme (KKAiR) // Artist-in-Community -programme (KKAiC) // Artist-in-Environment (KKAiE)

KulttuuriKauppila's continuous call for residency periods in 2024 and 2025 is now open!

  • Artist-in-Residence programme (KKAiR)

    KulttuuriKauppila  Artist-in-Residence  (KKAiR) offers artists time and space to focus on their artistic practice and research in a close-to-nature facility. Although the artists’ own work and projects are at the core of the programme, we hope that the KKAiR artists will share their expertise and experience through an event that is produced in collaboration with the KulttuuriKauppila team (a maximum of one event/month). Occasionally the KKAiR artists are also offered the possibility of hosting events such as a masterclass for local artists or workshops at the local high school. 

    Note that the KKAiR programme is also suitable for artist groups! 


    Learn more about previous KKAiR residency artists here 

  • Artist-in-Community -programme (KKAiC)

    he  KKAiC programme hosts socially engaged art projects that give artists an opportunity to collaborate with the community and build co-operation with relevant local actors. KKAiC can bring together artists with underprivileged communities or minorities and other groups with special needs. Close collaboration with the communities enables versatile utilisation of the artists’ skills from the perspectives of meaningful everyday life, well–being and communality.   

    A permanent operation model (KKAiC) rooted in the municipality of Ii was be developed in the Lähde! Empowering daily life with art -project in 2017–2020. 

  • Artist-in-Environment (KKAiE)

    The KulttuuriKauppila Artist-in-Environment (KKAiE) is a new program that invites artists with special interest in nature, landscape and the environment. We are especially interested in projects that deal with solastagia, ie. emotional or existential distress caused by environmental change. We spesificly welcome applications from researchers and artist-researcher collaborations. 

    Artists to the KulttuuriKauppila residency programs are selected through an annual international selection process. A personal residency programme is tailored for every artist for the duration of their residency. 

    Open call for the 2023 residency periods has closed. Thanks to all applicants!