Joana Quiroga (BRA) 6/22

Joana Quiroga is a Brazilian artist who combines science and art in her working.

Joana Quiroga is a Brazilian artist who lives and works at her home country Brazil. Quiroga combines science and art and she utilizes philosophical thinking in her art.

Quioroga examines how societal power relations and their consequent inequalities can live hidden in our daily lives. Quiroga wants to question people’s trust with the rational and the human capacity to think.

Quiroga has studied arts and philosophy in universities of Brazil. She has participated in exhibitions, projects and residencies in places like Germany, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, France and Romania.

Quiroga participated in the Art Ii Biennial this June with her art work Ferment: From the Air Around You. Her artwork included an experiment with making the ferment and additionally of an exhibition. She started her ferment with only flour and water, and she fed the ferment for ten days in different places in Ii. Quiroga baked bread for the opening of the Art Ii Biennial for visitors to eat. In her exhibition she presented her research where three different kinds of ferments were examined. The exhibition also showed the viewers which kinds of bacteria there was in one of the ferments.

Photo: Jaani Föhr

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