moï moï collective (FIN) 9/2021

Ella Holappa, Ella Posti and Alina Sakko are part of moï moï collective.

Residency artists of September, Finnish dancers Ella HolappaElla Posti and Alina Sakko are part of an international artist group moï moï collective. Posti is originally from Maksniemi in Northern Finland, and after some time spent in Kuopio and Outokumpu she moved to London. Currently she works between London and Finland. Holappa was born in the city of Peterborough in England, and has spent her childhood in Bangkok, Dubai as well as Tuusula in Finland. Since then she has also lived in Helsinki and London. Currently Holappa works and lives in Helsinki. Alina Sakko is originally from Oulu, but she moved to study in Helsinki as a teenager. Before continuing her studies in London, Sakko worked as a dancer in Finland and in Estonia. Currently she is working as a freelance dancer mainly in Finland.

moï moï collective is an artistic support network, which was born out of friendship and mutual understanding of dance as a form of art. The collective consists of seven artists based around Europe, and it was founded in spring 2021 during their shared studies at London Contemporary Dance School. Instead of developing a shared practice, the focus of the collective is on artistic cooperation that supports the work of each autonomous artist. As artists spread around Europe the members of the collective share a wish to navigate the broader field of dance together.

During their residency period in Ii, the three members of the collective Holappa, Posti and Sakko started working on a new project based on interaction with local environment and communities. The work will later continue in Maksniemi and Outokumpu. Throughout the process the artists study the daily routines of people, as well as interaction and the way they physically manifest through for example rhythms and routes. Through their artistic work Holappa, Posti and Sakko study and aim to open discussion about presence, non-verbal communication and individual’s awareness of themselves as part of their surroundings.

At the end of their residency period, on Wednesday 29th of September the collective shared a series of performances around Ii.

Photos: Inka Hyvönen

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