Andrew Melchior (UK) 3/2024

"Ii is a utopia for artists - a place to calm down and concentrate on your creative process. "

Manchester-based Andrew Melchior is a technical consultant and musician, who has been working with Björk, Massive Attack and David Bowie among others, creating virtual worlds and technological innovations for music production. He is also a keen supporter of sustainable development and solutions for our future.

Andrew is now working for the Oulu2026 -foundation as director of art & technology, testing and developing new solutions for cultural production and services.

After Andrew visited Ii and KulttuuriKauppila last year, he claimed Ii as “the utopia for artists”. During his residency period he is working with his own creative project “The Logos” – an immersive sound art piece, which will be part of the Oulu2026 -programme. Andrew is also co-operating with KulttuuriKauppila to help build a programme for the Art Ii Biennial 2026, with art, environment and ecology at its core.

Andrew is enjoying the peaceful environment, the winter and the rural magic of Ii. We are enjoying his enthusiasm and insight.

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