Maja Ingerslev (DEN) 3/2018

Maja Ingerslev is a visual artist who works with staged photography, video and papercut installations.
Maja Ingerslev: Whiteout. Photo: Maja Ingerslev.

Maja Ingerslev is a visual artist based in Aarhus, Denmark. In her practice, she combines staged photography, video and installation reflecting on the themes of nature and culture, visibility and disappearance, imagination and reality, death and creation. The subtle works investigate our relationship with and perception of nature. Maja Ingerslev focuses on the poetic value of nature in a time when we are witnessing the results of climate change.


States of Winter presents works from the project Whiteout developed in the framework of the KulttuuriKauppila Artist-in-Residency program in Ii. It is an installation of paper cuttings in space inspired by Finnish winter landscapes. The paper cuttings envisage an imaginary state of water in its different frozen forms. In Whiteout, white paper cuttings are staged, photographed and filmed in the white winter landscapes of Norway, Iceland and Finland. Winter has its own value and distinctive relationship with the cultural life of the Nordic countries, where the weather is constantly changing.


The artwork depicts the transition between different states of water and draws attention to climate change and global ecology. It highlights the relationships and the border between natural and artificial environments and the fragility of nature. States of Winter demonstrates the shift between imaginary and real surroundings, and our perception of them, contributing to environmental awareness. The artwork presents a quiet protest by reflecting hard questions in a soft form.

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