Phone / Photo / Poem

Phone / Photo / Poem is an interdisciplinary reading. The shifting relationships between image, language, and intimacy in our digital lives will be played with and put up on a screen.
Phone / Photo / Poem

The first residency artist staying at KulttuuriKauppila in 2018, Emma Wippermann presents her texts and images. The event is open and free of charge and it is held at the Ii main library on thursday 11.1. at 18-19. The reading is organized in collaboration with KulttuuriKauppila, Ii library and the Oulu Authors Association.

Emma Wippermann is a writer based in NYC. She works in text and images, often incorporating smartphone photos and screenshots into her writing, which is primarily concerned with ecology, desire, and queer digital intimacy. Emma is finishing an MFA in Literary Arts at Brown University, and her work has recently been in Lost&, a show in the Rhode Island School of Design’s Gelman Gallery, Emergency INDEX, The Diamond Stingily Show at MoMA PS1, OPR’s recent journal Feminist Temporalities, The Quietus, and elsewhere. During her residency at KulttuuriKauppila, Emma will be editing a manuscript about interspecies relationships, doing research for a photo essay about inanimate agency and texting, and taking pictures of the Finnish winter.

Emma Wipperman. 4.1.2017. Ii. KulttuuriKauppila.

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