Primavera by Arja Kärkkäinen published in Ii

Artist Arja Kärkkäinen's Primavera is a sitting wall, i.e. a low sittable sculpture which surface imitates the melting of ice in the Ii river.

The public art procurement, based on the Ii art program was done in two stages. Based on the portfolio search, three artists were selected to make a sketch for the work that would be placed in the Ii marketplace. Sketches were requested from Pia Hentus, Arja Kärkkäinen and Anssi Pulkkinen.

The citizens of Ii were able to choose their favorite from the three works. All three work drafts were on display at the Ii library in the summer of 2022. Primavera was chosen based on a survey. The residents of Ii appreciated its appearance and the fact that it creates a meeting place at the marketplace.

Arja Kärkkäinen approaches public art projects research-oriented and from the environmental and the public viewpoint. The artists versatile knowledge and use of materials, as well as the breadth of content convinced. In his works, the artist relies on our collective consciousness and strives to find unique ways of handling classic materials such as concrete and textiles.

“Ii river and the northern landscape inspired me when I was planning the piece. I hope that the people of Ii will take the work as their own and it will create a meeting place in the marketplace.” the artist states.

The art acquisition is based on the Ii art program started in 2020. The aim of the art program is to develop the environment through the means of art. The public art support of The Arts Promotion Centre Finland has been received for the realization of the work. The publication of the work was held at Ii marketplace on 18th of October.

Kuva: Mari Koukkula

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