Marianne Lukkarinen KKAiR 8/2020

Residency guest of August, Marianne Lukkarinen is an Oulu-based artist and art teacher, who draws inspiration from nature and the life stories of people.

Marianne Lukkarinen is a visual art, drama and theatre educator and artist with background in educational psychology. She is currently finishing her master’s degree in Art Education at the University of Lapland. Marianne is part of Cooperative Lilith, and teaches visual art at the Ii Art School and well-being focused art groups at other institutions around the area. In the beginning of September she started her work as an artist in the Lähde! Inclusion through art –project.

Throughout her career Lukkarinen has combined empowering and therapeutic directing and teaching methods to nurture creativity in people of all ages. Her own creative process is guided strongly by untold stories, which ask to be told, seen and heard. Through her art the stories receive an empowering standpoint, whether it’s her own story or the one of a customer, student or a community.

During her residency period in Ii Lukkarinen focused on working on a method of painting she has developed. The method includes the artist painting beside another person, listening to their story and painting symbolic paintings to represent it. The paintings are born from her love for improvisation, intuitive working and symbolic painting.

Marianne Lukkarinen - Kuva Inka Hyvönen

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