Encounters in the Hallway – Summer exhibition by studio artists of KulttuuriKauppila

The exhibition presents the works of the past and present studio artists Helena Kaikkonen, Sanna Koivisto, Antti J. Leinonen & Antti Ylönen.
Exhibition open
8 July – 2 August 2020
Tue-Fri 11-17 & Sat-Sun 10-16
Closed on Mondays.
3 August – 30 August exhibition open upon request!
Exhibition opening on 8 July 6PM
Free admission, welcome!
Delicate and silent art of Helena Kaikkonen searchs impressions from seasons of Nordic nature. She is representative of new textile art, where combinations of nature elements and posibilities of state of art are usual. Kaikkonen reflects atmospheres from different places, happenings and experiences. These atmospheres are mixed together with memories and dreams. Birth, growth, life and death are themes of her art and are observed in colours, forms and materials.
She works and lives at the moment in Oulu in north Finland. Her works have been presented in variety of private and collective exhibitions in Finland and abroad and she has produced public art works and environmental art works too.
Sanna Koivisto has been working as a full-time visual artist since 1977. Her extensive and multifaceted production consists of bronze, ceramic and mixed media sculptors, drawings, paintings, public monuments and environmental artwork.
Koivisto’s works depict the changing society around us in a
bold but gentle manner. Especially the topics of anti-war mentality and environmental protection emerge from her multivalent works. Bringing out the concept of humanity via singling out a small human being from the greater masses is one of the central themes in Koivisto’s productions. Koivisto’s works remind us of the opportunity of being born, getting to grow up, give and receive love and to be a part of nature and the universe.
Koivisto is the founding member of Art Center KulttuuriKauppila and her studio is located in KulttuuriKauppila.
Antti J. Leinonen works as a freelance photographer and videographer. His works have been published in several national medias in Finland, ranging from television, newspapers to magazines. In addition to commissioned work, Leinonen works on personal artistic projects. His project “Last man Fishing” about the fishermen of Gulf of Bothnia has gained national and international attention.
Leinonen works between documentary art photography and photo journalism. His pictures represent humans in his/her environment,
often depicted in a process of change and bearing the uniqueness of the moment and themselves.
Leinonen’s studio is located at the KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre and Leinonen is a member of the board of KulttuuriKauppila Assocation.
Antti Ylönen is a Ii based artist with a long career in ceramics, sculpure and other methods of art. The main themes in Ylönens’ art are time and emotion and he frequently uses wood to capture his ideas. Sophisticated design combined with spiritual, meditating ambience, form a timeless and sensitive experience. In order to feel the warmth and silky surface of the material the audience is usually encouraged to touch his art works.
Antti Ylönen has been working in Spain, Turkey, India and Japan and his works have been shown all over the wolrd. In Finland his works are found in prestigous collections. Ylönen is one of the founders and home artists of International Art Centre KulttuuriKauppila and one of his public art works
is presented in the Environmental art park in Ii.

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