Sallamari Rantala: Fireplace Between Two Spirals | 19 August – 28 August 2021

The exhibition by residency artist of August Sallamari Rantala is open at KulttuuriKauppila until 28th of August as part of the ClimateArena.

Rantala’s work can be described as experimental field research, and design with collected materials, knowledge and meanings. Her research is mainly focused on questions of how do people learn and transfer knowledge of the material reality. On the background there is a realisation of the idea, that encounterings and ways of producing knowledge are often very humanistic and extractivistic. In order to challenge herself and the situation, the artist collects and forms the stories and materials of the terrain into visual forms, often playing around with different ways of knowing.

Exhibition open

19 August – 28 August

Tue–Fri 12–5PM, Sat 11AM–4PM.

Free admission, welcome!

Photos: Inka Hyvönen

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