KOTA workshops

KOTA workshop is a new opportunity for youth outside the working life.

KOTA workshops combine making art, paths in working life, young people’s ideas, recycling, enterprises and work communities. Oili Nissinen piloted the Kota workshop in Utajärvi as part of the Lähde! project.

Photos: Oili Nissinen, Taija Sailio


Oili Nissinen
Oili Nissinen is the developer of the KOTA workshop, and teaches visual arts and ceramics in Utajärvi. Previously she has worked as a counsellor e.g. in Finnish Cultural Foundation’s Myrsky project for youth. Working with people of various ages and with different kinds of life situations has given Oili a wide experience of the positive effects that making art has to the participants. These experiences have encouraged her to develop new operating models to do art in new contexts.

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