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Tuomo Kangasmaa is a Finnish visual and media artist who is interested in the cross-over of performance, documentary and traditional film.

During his KulttuuriKauppila Artist-in-Community residency period in Utajärvi, Tuomo Kangasmaa was working on artistic environmental research together with groups of service users of the Oulunkaari joint authority. Through his work at the residency, Kangasmaa aims to highlight the importance of personal experience, and to create space for multisensory experiencing of the environment.

Photos: Merja Männikkö, Tuomo Kangasmaa


Tuomo Kangasmaa
Tuomo Kangasmaa is a video and visual artist who has also studied experimental dance and theatre. He is interested in combining performance, documentary and traditional film expression and uses various techniques of visual arts in his pieces. Along with his artistic work, Tuomo also participates in exhibitions and works in different kind of art projects.

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