Voices Of Culture Brainstorming Report published

KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre was one of 47 European cultural organizations participating in the Brainstorming meetings and the creation of the report '’Status & Working Conditions of Artists, Cultural and Creative Professionals.’’

The fourth topic of Voices of Culture asked questions about the challenges and opportunities for the status and working conditions of artists and cultural and creative professionals. How can new priorities, policies, actions and funding streams better address this issue?

Executive Manager of KulttuuriKauppila Jetta Huttunen was selected through an EU-wide open call to participate in the brainstorming meeting on 27th and 28th of April. Selected organizations were invited to share their input on several areas of discussion including income for artists and cultural and creative professionals, artists’ status, mobility of artists and other cultural and creative professionals and artistic freedom and freedom of expression.

The report containing over 60 pages of policy recommendations and best practice examples was presented to the European Commission in a Dialogue Meeting on the 29th of June.

KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre was honored to be one of the 47 organizations who participated in the Brainstorming meetings and the creation of the report. Learn more and read the report at voicesofculture.eu

“Art and culture create wellbeing. Art based activities integrated in the health care and social sector as well as education can improve the health and social abilities of citizens. Reaching a common goal, employing artists will result in a better society” – Jetta Huttunen

Voices of Culture is the structured dialogue between the cultural sector in the European Union and the European Commission. It provides a platform for civil society representatives of the cultural sector to give input to the European Commission on a range of topics. Voices of Culture launches regular calls for applications on different topics, which are salient in the policy making process of the European Commission. 

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