Tony Sjöman: Night

The newest public artwork of the municipality of Ii, a mural by Manhattan-based artist Tony Sjöman was unveiled in August.

Tony Sjöman created the artwork to the wall of the studio building of KulttuuriKauppila during his residency period in Ii in June 2021.

The name Night reflects the dark scenery which can be seen in the artwork, but also refers to the origin of the name of the municipality of Ii, which is believed to originate from the Sámi language word iddja, ijje, which means night. In some ways the name of the artwork also relates to Sjöman’s youth growing up as Swedish Finn in the city of Gothenburg.

The artwork, which was unveiled as part of the Climate Arena in August 2021, also draws inspiration from climate issues.

‘’We’re living through dark times, not only due to the pandemic, but also in terms of the climate. My work is here and now. I hope the future will be brighter, but it’s also important to not try to hide, and be honest about what the situation looks like now. This is seen in everything that I do. Even though the work is abstract, every colour and shape tells a story, however personal the interpretation may be,” Sjöman states.

Sjöman’s roots are in Finland and Sweden and he draws inspiration from his Scandinavian heritage for his complex abstract geometrical murals and studio works. Sjöman has collaborated with several major mainstream brands, such as American Express, Marriott Hotels and Heineken to name a few. Throughout his career Sjöman has also worked with several leading US real estate developers, who have been looking to enhance their commercial appeal through art.

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