The first artist selections of 2021 announced!

Due to the global situation the call for residency periods of 2021 is open throughout the year without specific deadlines.

KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre, located in the municipality of Ii in Northern Finland, offers two residency programmes that allow artists to explore and develop their artistic practice, collaborate with locals and get inspired by the surrounding environment.

”The quality of the applications continues to be high also this year. We are glad that our residency programmes are greeted with enthusiasm among artists. We also hope that the situation will soon turn for the better, and we can also welcome foreign guests to Ii!’’ Executive Manager Jetta Huttunen wishes.

In 2021 the call is open throughout the year without specific deadlines. To be able to welcome foreign artists in 2021, KulttuuriKauppila has adapted a set of safety precautions based on the instructions given by Finnish authorities.

The first selected artists are:

Aki-Pekka Sinikoski (FIN) | Andrew Wick (USA) | Begona Ordas (ESP) | Félix-Antoine Morin (CAN) | Janaye Brown (USA) | Jane Higginbottom (UK) | Jessica Shi (USA) | Nadja Raszewski & Daniela Grosset (GER) | Olia Fedorova (UKR) | Pedro Hurpia (BRA) | Rita Isaac (POR) | Sallamari Rantala (FIN) | Taylor Smith (USA)

Artwork: Olia Fedorova: Episode 1: Walking a Cloud. Part of series Studies of Nothing (2020-)

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