Rita Dahl KKAiR 8-9/2020

Residency artist of August and September is Finnish journalist, poet and author Rita Dahl.

Dahl has wide experience in the field of literature. She has published 20 fiction and non-fiction books, among them books about freedom of speech, Finnish mining policy and travels books, and she is currently finishing her newest project, a children’s book telling the story of a single mother and her Finnish-Chinese daughters. The book aims to support the readers to accept and feel pride over their cultural background, and also discusses difficult topics such as bullying, fear of differences, and the ever-growing focus on diagnoses in our more and more medicalized society.

During her residency period in Ii, Dahl will work on her newest non-fiction work, as well as arrange poetry workshops for the locals in Ii. The results of the poetry workshops will be shared at a poetry evening at the Ii library on Wednesday 16th of September at 5PM. Dahl will also be presenting her own work at the library on Wednesday 9th of September 5:30PM.

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