Min Yoon KKAiC 2/2019

Recidency artist of February Min Yoon from USA will study the identities of people from Ii for the performance Inner Mirror!

The conceptual artist and butoh dancer Min Yoon is dedicated to uncovering the deeper, more intuitive nature of how we relate to our being and the world through art, butoh dance, and philosophy, and what may arise from this uncovering. Her works focus on the themes of sharing a sense of connection and presence across socio-political divides.

Butoh dance is an expressive mode of dance that seeks to find what is deep within, beyond what is socially accepted in a pursuit of new expressions of truth. Yoon has studied butoh dance at the Jinen Butoh School in Italy with Atsushi Takenouchi and at the Butoh College in the USA with master teachers, in addition to studying image and narrative at the University of California, Berkeley.

During the KK AIC (Artist-in-Community) residency period Yoon invites mental health rehabilitators and other locals to reflect on different facets of their self-identity and how others may view them. This is done through various interviews, reflections, and body exploration methods to excavate new expressions. The aim is to co-create a performance called Inner Mirror. Inner Mirror represents the ethereal and subliminal landscapes of how an individual reflects on their self-identity. Yoon hopes to create spaces for fuller identities by setting the stage for the ways an individual would like to be understood, experienced, and seen, with their respective trials, and beyond, to potentially yield new ways of relating to one another.

The Inner Mirror will be presented on Tuesday 26th February at 18.00 at the Iin Työväentalo. The evening includes the performance followed with an discussion for those who like to attend it. Free entrance, welcome!  


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