Mammoth-masktheatre performance in Lähde! -park in August

Mammoths are taking over the Lähde! -park in Ii in August, when the new masktheatre takes over!

International masktheatre workhop culminates in a performance at Lähde! -park in August in Ii. Canadian The Dragon Dance Theatre, director Anna-Kaisa Järvi, Kierikkicentre and KulttuuriKauppila have combined their forces and are bringing a Mammoth-performance to the park, which is looking for answers to these ecological questions: climate change and human caused evanescence of species of animals and plantaes.

The Mammuth has been created in a workshop directed by Canadian artists Sam Kerson and Katah. The working group also includes Mexican Victor Huizar and Bernardo Olmedo with Elizabeth Torres, who has specialized in the Mexican aboriginal peoples dances and culture. The youngsters of Iis Tieto & Taito forge has also participated to the project.

Project is being funded by the Municipality of Ii, the City of Oulu and Valto Pernu Foundation.


Performances at the Lähde! -park are on Saturday and Sunday 13th and 14th of August. The Performance is free of charge and it lasts for 1,5 hours. Welcome!



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