KK AIR 07/18 María Platero

Photographer María Platero from Madrid, Spain is the Artist-In-Residence of July 2018 at the KulttuuriKauppila!

María Platero is interested in the protocols and the established conventions that govern our lives, with which we construct our reality; as well as in the need we have to measure things to understand them, to order what is possible. Even, and especially, when this implies passing through stupid proposals.

In her latest projects there are concepts such as balance, uncertainty, the chaos theory and random phenomena. Continuing with this work, she wants to investigate about the idea of displacement. Understanding the displacement as something capable of generating a series of consequences. The consequences that follow actions can be increasingly unpredictable or can be amplified beyond the predictable. I.e., major changes may be irrelevant effects and small changes can bring great consequences.

Platero is a photographer, editor and teacher. She combines her personal artistic projects with working in cultural management and as a freelance photographer. Platero was part of the creative team of Fanzine 10 x 15, digital magazine dedicated to photography, as an editor and curator; and Responsible for Photography and part of the Editorial Board of Input Art Magazine. Her commissions include Psychologies magazine. Her exhibitions include Kaunas International Photography Festival, Lithuania; the Portuguese Centre of Photography, Porto, Portugal; FOTOFEVER 2014, PHOTO OFF 2011 and VOZ Galerie, Paris, France; Descubrimientos PHE 2009, MADRIDFOTO 2009,ARCO’09, Espacio OTR, Alliance Française, Espacio F, all in Madrid; Emergent International Visual Arts Festival, Lleida, Spain, among many others.

María Platero 2018. Photo: Jaani Föhr

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