Kaisa Kerätär as the curator of the Environmental Residency program

The newly launched artist-in-environment –program introduces artists with a focus on landscape and changes in our environment. The projects deal with the concept of solastalgia, ie. the emotional or existential distress caused by environmental change and land-rights issues.

Kaisa Kerätär is a biologist, curator, as well as writer, and interested in the history of the northern border regions, traditional ecological knowledge, and storytelling traditions. She has studied environmental trauma and solastalgia, i.e. distress emerging from environmental change.

Kaisa introduces the northern landscape and places of interest for the residency artists and also offers her expertise to their projects. “I am thrilled to meet artists from around the globe. Together we find mutual interests and common themes from our shared environment.”

Kaisa’s family roots are in Eastern Lapland, in the Forest Lapp culture, where livelihood for centuries.was based on the sustainable use of biodiversity (hunting, fishing, gathering, and reindeer herding).  In her blog, she deals with the interaction between the northern environment and people and the importance of place-responsive narratives, ‘survival stories’, for one’s identity.

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