Hugo González Aroca & Alejandro Jaqs: BOREAL | 22 October – 30 October 2019

Artworks by residency artists Hugo González Aroca and Alejandro Jaqs. The exhibition opening is held on Monday 21 October at 5–6PM.

Artworks by residency artists Alejandro Jaqs and Hugo González Aroca at KulttuuriKauppila October 22nd – 30th at the exhibition BOREAL.

Hugo González Aroca’s visual expression arises from the balance between opposites, between the figurative and the abstract, between the solid and the ethereal, between the real and the fictitious. In his work he uses small pieces of newspapers and magazines as a collage to provide both conceptual and visual information to the scene, taking advantage of different texts and images that give small clues allowing the spectator to interpret the work. One can observe the painting with a certain distance and focus on its landscape component, or approach it and look for the small messages hidden in the work, providing a horizon of meaning.

Alejandro Jaq’s work is born from the debate and the exchange between the action of randomness and the physical manipulation of human reasoning and its aesthetic, intuitive and communicative perception. His works allow him to immortalise fleeting stimuli as well as the unexpected and unpredictable compositions which are offered by the matter, nature and its indefinite forms. In this way his work rejects any premeditated construction. To a certain extent, all this procedure consists of finding something which before the search did not exist.

Aroca and Jaqs were in residence at KulttuuriKauppila through a cooperation with THE HUG – platform for cultural cooperation. The exhibition BOREAL includes works created during their residency periods, as well as some older pieces.

The exhibition opening is held on Monday 21 October at 5–6PM. Welcome!

Exhibition open 22 October – 30 October

Daily 1–6PM

Closed on Sunday 27 October

Kauppilantie 15, 91100 Ii

Free admission, welcome!

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