Full Circle – Valto Pernu Photo Marathon competition photographs 2019

The exhibition ''Full Circle'' presents the competition photographs from Valto Pernu Photo Marathon 2019.

Valto Pernu Photo Marathon is a relaxed, open-for-all photography event combining art and documentary photography. The fifth biennial Photo Marathon took place on 8–10 August 2019.
The event is named after Valto Pernu (1909-1986), a photographer from the Ii Municipality known as the last travelling photographer in Finland. The contestants spend 12 hours taking photos of Ii Municipality according to the assignments from the jury. Like their role model Valto Pernu, they move around on bicycles. The assignments are handed out one at the time, and after each assignment the photos are delivered to the jury.

Kari Solehmainen / Tiina Orbinski / Juho Holviala / Timo Paakkanen / Heidi Tiri / Risto Korva / Vesa Ranta / Pekka Veijola / Merja Ruotsalainen / Johanna Uusiranta / Tuomo Pirttimaa / Teija Soini / Pentti soini / Heikki Annala / Jarno Vuorinen / Katariina Korhonen / Joel Karppanen / Tiina Wallin / Atte Tolonen / Pekka Mällinen / Jukka Sassi

Exhibition open 10 August – 31 August
Tue–Sat 12PM–5PM
Kauppilantie 15, 91100 Ii
Free admission, welcome!

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