Fresh Forest AiR – Call open now!

Source of oxygen and wellbeing, environment of work and leisure, place of solitude and company, wild and tamed, natural and manmade. Fresh Forest AiR residency exchange program calls for artists from Halland, Sweden and Northern Finland to explore the concept of forests with the local communities!

Call for residency exchange program

Fresh Forest AiR is looking for one artist from both Halland, Sweden and one from Northern Finland for one month residency periods around August 2019. In Ii, Finland the Swedish artist is invited to create an environmental artwork to the new Lähde! park, an area designed with special interest groups. In Halland, Sweden the Finnish artist will explore the topics of forests, forestry and biodiversity in connection to contemporary art and local communities.

KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre and Konst i Halland (Art in Halland) collaborate in this residency exchange program to connect contemporary art and artists to local contexts. Networking and international contacts are part of both institutions daily work bringing good opportunities for the artists invited. The exchange of artists and ideas creates dynamic possibilities for all involved but also for broader aspects of communities.


Both artist participating in the Fresh Forest AiR will be provided with:

  • customised programme and production assistance
  • salary of 2350€ (tax included)
  • accommodation in a private room
  • material budget up to 500€
  • travel costs upon agreement
  • Please note that artist will provide for his or her own insurances, food and other personal costs.


In Ii, Finland the selected artist from the region of Halland will take part in the KulttuuriKauppila Artist in Community program (KK AIC) to create an environmental artwork together with one or more special interest groups such as mental health recuperates or the disabled from the Oulunkaari health and social services. The location of the artwork will be the newly built Lähde! park that combines art and nature in order to promote wellbeing. The park is located on a beautiful riverbank near health and social services centre. The concept of the park has been created through collaborative art workshops with the health and social services customers and staff.

The selected artist will be a worker of the ESR-funded Lähde! Empowering daily life trough art project and stay at the residency room in the KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre. The one month long residency period will take place 1st-28th August. In addition, the artist will be provided with a grant from Konst i Halland to explore Ii and the surroundings for about one week before the residency period (25th– 31st of July).

We welcome proposals for projects involving the local participants and resulting in an environmental artwork (preferably minimum lifespan four years). We appreciate suitable artistic expertise and experience of collaboration with special interest groups. The residency artist is expected to write a short report about the stay. Please note that this part of the exchange program can only accept applications from artists connected to Halland, Sweden.


In Halland, Sweden, the selected artist from Northern Finland will take part in the residency program located to the municipality of Hylte in the inner parts of Halland, a region on the west coast of Sweden. The area where the AiR programme will take place is in the inland approximately 30 – 50 km from the town Halmstad. The programme is hosted by the resource centre Konst i Halland which is a part of the regional art museum Hallands Konstmuseum.

The programme offers one artist possibilities to explore environments that are deeply connected to the surroundings of nature, small villages and local productions. The main focus will be on connecting topics of forests, forestry and biodiversity to contemporary art and local communities. We will tailor a residency programme together with the selected artist and representation from the local society. The artist will do public presentations during the residency period and also be a part of Tågdagarna i Landeryd (The Train days in Landeryd) a historical yearly event focusing on steam trains.

The one month long residency period will take place during the 26th of August until 22nd of September 2019. We welcome proposals from visual artists of all disciplines for projects that includes different local aspects and also involves the public. The selected artist to Sweden can also do a short visit for doing a research in advance this spring (maximum a week) according to agreement with Konst i Halland. Please note that this part of the exchange program can only accept applications from artists connected to Northern Finland.

The deadline is 24.2.19 and the selected artists will be contacted by end of March. Please see the attached file for more information and the instructions on how to apply!

Call for Fresh Forest AiR -PDF



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