The Environmental Art Park of Ii is open to the public first time during the winter!

An ice skating route built to the park allows visitors to see the artworks first time in the snowy surroundings.

For the upcoming few weeks it is also possible to view the artwork In Silence in the park alongside the permanent artworks. The artwork by our residency artists of January 2020, Moscow-based artists Lia Schell and Anton Kraftsky, is an allusion to the latest NASA’s James Webb infrared Space Telescope (JWST), which is going to be launched in 2021 to observe early galaxies and exoplanets outside the Milky Way.

The Environmental Art Park of Ii is located near the Ii village centre by the river. The park is a popular recreational destination for residents and tourists. KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre maintains the park jointly with the Ii parish and the municipal technical services.

Photos: Jetta Huttunen, Inka Hyvönen

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