Émilie Payeur KKAiR 7-8/2019

Canadian multidisciplinary artist Émilie Payeur will develop during her residency period a sound performance based on her experience of the influence of weather and other changes in the surrounding forests.

Residency artist for July and August, Émilie Payeur is a multidisciplinary artist from Montreal, Canada, mainly active in experimental music and the visual arts. Her music, often described as minimalist and sometimes harsh, is mainly based on the no-input technique and on risk-taking. In her visual work, she is interested in the traces she perceives as remnants of actions from the past as well as in the manipulation of reality, of the views of others and her own.

Payeur has a Master’s degree in electroacoustic music composition from the Université de Montréal and her work has been performed all over the world and has received numerous awards, both in Canada and internationally. She is also a member of such groups as the noise music trio Dead Squirrels, label and experimental music collective Kohlenstoff Records and the experimental ensemble Projet K.

During her residency period at KulttuuriKauppila, Payeur will follow the influence of weather in the surrounding forests and appearing and disappearing traces in the environment, and based on these experiences will develop a sound performance using natural elements like rocks, branches and leaves. The performance will be seen in Ii as part of the IlmastoAreena (“Climate Arena”) event at the end of August.

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