Call for entries: Art Ii Biennial 2020

The 7th Biennial is held in Ii 10th–14th of June 2020. The call for entries is open until 29th of February.

The theme of the 2020 Art Ii Biennial is The Knowledge of the Earth – Maan tieto. The Finnish word maa means earth, but also country, dirt, ground, land soil, and terrain. The word also refers to the world. The concept of the Art Ii Biennial 2020 encompasses all these aspects of the earth and specifically the knowledge they possess.

With the theme and title The Knowledge of the Earth the Biennial wants to focus on the tacit knowledge and hidden know-how which can be discovered when humans turn their attention towards the land and the earth.

Artists are invited to discover growth, decay, stones, clay, matter, and the circular processes in nature. What can we learn from the earth? How can we establish a new relationship between nature and people, one that is not based on exploitation but rather on communication and dialogue?

The call for entries is open for artists living and working in Finland or abroad; artists are welcome to arrive by bus, train or boat. Production and travel costs are covered up to 2000 euros in total per selected artists and artists collective. Accommodation is offered in Ii during the Biennial. There is also a possibility of a residency period at KulttuuriKauppila artist residency for extended stays related to community projects. The results of the projects will be presented at the Art Ii Biennial between 10-14 June 2020.

The call for entries is open until 29.2.2020 at

Art Ii Biennial has been organized by KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre since 2008. Art Ii Biennial addresses current themes, participates in the public discussion through the methods of art and boldly combines the rich cultural heritage of Ii with contemporary art. The Biennial has presented tens of international artists since 2008 in the region of Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland. A crucial part of the event is to facilitate interactions between the local community and international art professionals through communal activities. With a focus on local history and participatory processes, the 2020 biennial addresses current themes of today such as climate change, ecology, zero waste and carbon neutral production. The main value of the event is ecological, economical, social and cultural sustainability.

The 2020 Biennial is co-curated by Maria Huhmarniemi and Ekaterina Sharova, both enthusiastic about zero-waste communities, sustainability and art as intervention. 


Art work: Serge Olivier Fokoua: Crowd (AIB2012) Photo: Inka Hyvönen

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