Spaces for wellbeing

Sensory impressions, shared experiences, the joy of discovery – the Lähde! parks invite you to experience art and nature!

The ideas regarding an environment that supports wellbeing, collected using inclusive, artistic methods from people recovering from psychiatric problems and intellectually disabled people are at the core of the Lähde! park concept. The first Lähde! park has been built in the Suvantola area in the municipality of Ii on the riverside area behind the health centre and will be expanded to also cover the interior public spaces of the nearby buildings.

The obstacle-free design of the park facilitates access to the nature, artworks and activities. The Lähde! park concept includes the physical environment that supports welfare and utilises art and plans for functional programming, piloting and guidelines for the mobilisation. The concept development is carried out as multi-professional cooperation between Oulunkaari joint authority, the technical sector of the municipality of Ii and specialists from the field of arts.

Actions and outcomes