Social art residency – KK AiC

The Social art residency brings artists to work with groups and communities through intensive work periods. This in-depth familiarisation enables versatile utilisation of the artists’ skills from the perspectives of meaningful everyday life, wellbeing and communality.

The residence artists will work with a specific social and health unit or units during the approximately two-month-long residence period that includes getting acquainted with the operation, artistic work and introducing art activities to social and health personnel. It is also important to expand the residence activities outside of the social and health unit to affect the community in a larger sense. Applications to the social art residence programme (KK AiC – Artist in Community) take place alongside KulttuuriKauppila’s established residence programme (KK

AiR – Artist in Residence), utilising the expertise of KulttuuriKauppila in the selection of the artists. A permanent operation model (KK AiC) rooted in the municipality of Ii will be developed in the Lähde! project in 2017–2020 along with agile pop-up residence activities being tested in Pudasjärvi and Utajärvi.