Outcomes and methods

Lähde! Empowering daily life with art project aims to develop models for cultural wellbeing. This is done trough service design that supports the core values of Inclusion and multi-professionalism.

Cooperation between art and social and health professionals is the only way to create effective operations and achieve the objectives regarding the development of permanent activities defined for the project. The steering group of the project also includes various professionals from both sectors.

The Development Belongs to Everyone principle of Oulunkaari joint authority has been applied to the project in various ways. For example, the job interviews for the pilot artists also involved representatives of the care staff and clients of Oulunkaari. Already in the autumn of 2018, more than a hundred future users of the Lähde! park to be built in the municipality of Ii participated in the ideation of the Lähde! parks concept!

Service design, which was carried out in cooperation with Palvelumuotoilu Palo in the autumn of 2017, was used as an essential tool of the multi-professional and inclusive development of the operation. The initial workshop and each work-


package-specific workshop were participated in by clients, employees and artists, as well as family members, personnel from the technical sector and students from various fields. Palvelumuotoilu Palo also developed the Lähde box to map the participants’ experiences.

The students who took part in the project through internships and project work introduced fresh perspectives and knowledge to the operation. The students assisted the artists and participated in the service design workshops, among other things.

The project began with pilot periods that were intended to provide a better understanding of the field of operation, the everyday lives of the clients and the possibilities of professional cooperation. The pilots were extremely successful and the experiences provided by them will guide the operation of the project together with the service design results.